Pai, Thailand - Polarsteps

Pai stole my heart ❤️ An intended 2 day trip turned into a week 😳 this place is dreamy to say the least! I arrived late afternoon and one of the first things I did was rent a scooter - it’s perfect for first timers like me because it’s small enough and quiet to practise! I stayed in ‘Common Grounds’ hostel and it was ace! A few hammocks in the lounge and a pool t Lenard it a great area to hang out and meet new people!! Pai Grand Canyon at sunset is stunning and definitely a must! The following day, I was lucky enough to be part of a big group that wanted to head out and see the Lod Caves! This was a 2 hour motorbike ride from Pai but was definitely worth it. There is a sunset point halfway between Pai and the caves which is STUNNING! You can see Mynmar in the distance! There are 3 caves in total, but unfortunately because of the time of year, only one was open when we went! Still beautiful though! I also got to take part in a cooking class and LOVED it! There are a few waterfalls around Pai that you can reach by scooter! I only went to one in the end called ‘Pam Boek’ waterfall and it was really pretty! There are more to see, as well as some hot springs! The White Buddha peers down at you from the mountain and again is definitely worth a visit - the stairs are a bit steep but don’t let it out you off going up to get the amazing views from the top...and of course to say hi to the Buddha himself! Nightlife is definitely fun in Pai! There are a few noteworthy bars to mention: ‘Spirit’ do really nice cocktails and it feels nice to go to a ‘secret’ garden bar! ‘Why Not’ is also fun and they have a nice little live band playing karaoke! ‘Mountain Bar’ is super for late drinks and there is also a fab jazz bar called ‘Mojo’ that plays live music most nights! If you want to be a hippy for a day or so, then I would recommend heading out to paradise for some super chill vibes! They had a nice fire show one of the nights I was there, as well as an open mic session! Super nice vibes!! I definitely got lost in Pai for a week!!❤️
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