Vang Vieng, Laos - Polarsteps

So I have very little pictures for Vang Vieng!! There are a few reasons why.... One of the days I spent here we went ‘tubing’...ooooft!! This was actually so much fun, but as you can imagine I didn’t want to take my phone and then lose it at the bottom of the Mekong River!! It’s definitely worth the trip though! So we got picked up at our hostel ‘Nana’s Hostel’ and then then taken to the tubing place! There we were told of the very few rules for tubing...basically don’t be in the water after dark!! From there it began! We got on the tube (NOT easy may I say) and then the first bar was literally 2 minutes down the river! People were throwing ropes and we had to catch them then get pulled into the shore! At the bar you could do loads of fun things..,drink buckets or beers, play beer pong, netball etc! Was a great vibe! You stayed for as long as you wanted and then moved onto the next bar! The next tubing period was about 15mins long and it was gorgeous!! The scenery around the river was so beautiful!! The next bar was also super fun! There was a basketball hoop Ada makeshift water fountain! And of course lots of alcohol and music! We stayed there for quite a bit and danced the eve away!! Now the last part of tubing down the river took an hour...which we all knew! And to begin with it was as beautiful as the earlier times! began to get dark!! 😕 from here it got a little tricky to figure out where the last bar was! My suggestion...check out the time of sunrise and then give yourself half an hour at least before leaving the 2nd bar to reach the 3rd bar! But definitely worth the visit!!
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