Hoi An, Vietnam - Polarsteps

Hai Van Pass!! WOW!! What an amazing experience!! So we rented scooters and an easy rider from Hue to take us to Hoi An! So glad we did, our homestay organiser (Hue Happy House) was fab and helped us to organise everything! The easy rider (lee) picked us up from the hostel at 8:30am and our luggage was taken by another person to Hoi An separately! Lee was great! He took us to get fuel first and then we were off!! The road was pretty straightforward to get to the Hai Van Pass, and there wasn’t too much traffic! The views were beautiful!! Lee also took us to see an annual farm race...it was the first time I have felt like a tourist as it was so local that everyone was looking at us!! They all kept shaking our hands and talking to us! We finally arrived at Hoi An and we’re staying at the Tribee Kinh...these are a chain of hostels in Hoi An and they are absolutely fab! Almost all of them are in close vicinity to each other and you can use the other facilities as well! They organised spring roll classes for free during some evenings and there are always deals on drinks etc! I also did a cooking class here called Bay Mau Eco Cooking Class! It was the best one I’ve done so far! We were taken to the market first (where a lovely little rat bumped right into my feet). After this we had a 40 minute boat ride and then we got taken on little basket boats and the locals riding them took us crab fishing in the tall reefs of the river! Then we were dropped off at the school! There we were shown how to make rice milk and then cooked a four course meal! It was very hands on and I would highly recommend it! The next day we did a lantern making workshop and again this was really super! So interesting and cheap considering the materials you need and the fact that you get to keep your lantern! Definitely worth it!
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