Winterslow, United Kingdom - Polarsteps

Heading home tomorrow so I’m lodged in Salisbury CAMC. A favourite of mine. The heat has taken away my appetite so just tuna and salad for dinner. There’s enough time to catch up with the outside world before settling in for the night. It’s been a rewarding journey. It seems like a lifetime ago when I was stood outside the great Saxon tower at Barton Humber. It’s not all been plain sailing. I’ve had bouts of anxiety on the road - the state of our world, our environmental woes and just feeling plain homesick. Above all that is an overriding comfort that is rooted in the places I have seen - some of which have witnessed empire’s topple, mini-ice-ages reek havoc, and the impossible become possible. Thanks for coming along with me on this journey. Goodnight. Andy.
  1. From Humber to the Thames
  2. Winterslow