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These months of lockdown in Italy have been tough for most. Thousands died, thousands were healed, many thousands were infected and even many just couldn't stay home. Not only those who had to go to work, but those who just went crazy in quarantine. You thought you knew who you had home with you, but how much time did you really spend with them when you had to go to work, a few hours a day? With 24 full hours a day, you might find out you didn't really know them. If that's good or bad, it's everyone’s choice. Crisis, Einstein said, is the greatest blessing for people and nations, it is in moments of crisis that creativity, discoveries and great strategies arise. It highlights everything that is wrong with normal life and allows to find a different way forward. If in this quarantine you have not discovered what you really like, what you want from life, what is important, what needs to change, learned or created something, maybe you have not made proper use of it. It is only true, of course, for those who didn't need to struggle for life, but if you are one of the lucky you can still try to reshape your life so that you can shine once we all finally come out of this.
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