Taroudant, Morocco - Polarsteps

Second day of adventure started with an wet and chilly adventure through the river canyon. Paul had the first contact with the water trying to take the perfect picture. Afterward everybody took of their shoes and started walking through the knee-high icy mountain river. Aventuraaaa! Amazing breakfast @ 3500m compliments of chef Idir and Isabella, the donkey. Berber bread con tonno, cipoline, cheese, tomatoes and morrocan spices followed by a snooze in the sun. First contact with Toupkal peak, glancing in the distance Loooong descent into Taroudant village, with a short refreshing stop for an cold Coca-Cola chilled by the river, served under a huge, old nut tree. Base camp in Taroudant Hotel (!). Wonderfull view on the top floor terrace, where we've enjoyed one of the best midnight star shows.
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