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Quevedo, Ecuador: Quevedo has a population of around 150,000. This small city has a bustling city center that is walking-friendly—very wide sidewalks with lots of benches and many statues of animals make it fun for children. The main industries in this area are agriculture and livestock. The name "Quevedo" comes from a surveyor named Timoteo Quevedo. He was the first to measure the lands of what would become the city. After that, they started rubber production in 1857 and the city took off from there. Quevedo dates back to around 500 BC and those people lasted until the Spanish conquistadors wiped them out in 1526. So, my impressions: Nothing particularly beautiful or pretty. The riverbank could be cleaned up and made more attractive. They do have a decent boardwalk along a large portion of the river, on both sides. The downtown is nice for walking with its wide sidewalks, I estimate 3-4 meters (9-12 feet) wide for most of them. The animal statues add color and fun to the city center. But, would I choose to live here? Probably not. Merry Christmas!
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