Huaquillas, Ecuador - Polarsteps

Huaquillas, Ecuador: Population: around 48,000. The entire metropolitan area has a population of about 82,000. The city didn't really start to grow substantially until the 20th century. The economy is based on shrimp farming, agriculture, and commerce. By 1935 tobacco was the main source of income for the tiny town of about 200. The land was very rich and crops grew extensively, until the war with Peru in 1941. The Peruvians diverted the river and it has never been the same since. It wasn't until 1964 that the issue of the border with Peru was finally ironed out. So, my impressions: It's just another coastal town, nothing especially interesting. The few parks are very small and there are no special parks or ecological areas. It is sandy and dusty like all coastal towns, as well. It's also the border crossing into Peru, so at the border, the road is jammed full with kiosks of vendors selling anything and everything.
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