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Tingo Maria, Peru: founded, officially, in October 1938, but the area has been inhabited all the way back to before the Incas came into the area. Then in the 1500s the Spanish arrived and took over the area but never officially founded the town. Then finally in 1936, the first highway was built connecting Tingo Maria to the rest of the world. With that new road came prosperity and growth like never before. Tingo Maria has a population of around 46,000 and sits in a valley in the Andes Mountains at 647 meters. It is a beautiful valley where the slopes come right to the edges of the town. The Huallaga River passes through the town. So, my impressions: I like this town enough to put it on my top 10 list of possible new hometowns. It's a pretty little town with everything needed to live without having to visit a big city. Tingo Maria is clean and has nice parks including eco-parks, a malecon, and the central plaza. This part of Peru is called the Selva Region and if you are visiting Peru you have to visit this region, I find it the most beautiful part of the country.
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