Satipo, Peru - Polarsteps

Satipo, Peru: population: about 30,000. The valley where Satipo is located has been inhabited by various indigenous groups for more than 3500 years, based on the petroglyphs that have been found in the area. The Incas moved into the valley and there were wars which the Incas eventually won. The first European missionaries arrived in 1673. The native population wasn't much interested in what they had to offer and there were many uprisings against the missionaries into the 18th century. In 1947, the city was destroyed by an earthquake. Entire settlements disappeared. There was no road access to the city until 1960. So, my impressions: Nothing exciting here, in the city, but out in the mountains is where you'll find waterfalls, streams, archeological sites, etc. The city itself is very basic, with nothing of interest.
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