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Corrales, Peru: Population: for the entire metropolitan area, around 26,000. Corrales was founded in 1871. In case you were wondering, the name Corrales is indeed translated to corrals in English. The name came from the fact that there were corrals for the cattle to milk them and provide milk to all the local people. These corrals were in the middle of what is now the town proper. If a person were leaving to go somewhere another might ask "Where are you going?" and the first might reply, "To the corrals". Over time, they started building houses around the corrals and the name stuck. Eventually, the corrals were converted into the main town center plaza. So, my impressions: I like this little town, except for this one issue: there are possibly more dogs than people here and they start barking even before the roosters start crowing. The noise of the dogs is incredible! If there is one thing in this world I hate it's barking dogs. I find it one of the most annoying noises on this planet. Surprisingly enough, I met a man, while walking in the neighborhoods, who asked me, "Do you speak English?" We started chatting and it turns out he used to live in the US, in New York, and his English is very good. That was a big surprise as there have been a couple of big cities I've visited and found no English-speaking people. And, while out walking I came across a house with a "for rent" sign and there was a man just about to go inside. I asked him about it and he invited me inside to have a look. It's the middle floor of a 3-story building. He and his wife live in the 3-floor house, and another person is in the first-floor house. The second-floor house has these incredible reliefs of scenes related to the sea on a couple of pillars and the walls of the stairway, as well as a few smaller ones on some of the house's interior walls. There's a column inside which was also fully decorated as a piling for a pier, mussels, and all. The house has 3 big bedrooms, a very big bathroom, a living room/kitchen/dining room great room, and a large work area (laundry, etc) at the back. The rent? When converted to US dollars - $211 per month. If I had a resident visa I would have been tempted to rent it right then and there.
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