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Caleta Cruz, Peru: Population: less than 10,000 for the entire metropolitan area. Caleta Cruz was designated a district in 1962. In 1532 the conquistador Francisco Pizarro placed a cross, the symbol of the Catholic church, on the hill over the region. Then in 1842, the cross was moved to the Church of La Merced in the town of Piura (a little way south of Caleta Cruz). Then sometime later it was again moved, this time to the National Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology, and History of Peru in Lima. There is talk about building a museum at the original site and moving the cross back to its rightful place. In 1926 an oil exploration company came into the area and with their work they also constructed the first actual roads in Caleta Cruz. Prior to these roads, the people used only trails to get around the area. Commercial fishing took off after 1946 bringing in more companies. So, my impressions: I only visited for a few hours while waiting between buses. It's a tiny fishing village, with no shopping center, no supermarket, and no cash machine (ATM). I don't even remember seeing a gas station. And no stop lights that I can recall, as well.
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