Jovi Motos, Peru - Polarsteps

Mala, Peru: population: about 54,000. Mala is a small town a few kilometers away from the beaches of the Pacific Ocean. It is surrounded by hills that are actually very big sand dunes. Its history goes back to pre-Inca times with the Huarco people who were eventually conquered by the Incas. In 1537 the Spanish conquistadors arrived and conquered the Incas and took over the area. Now the area has a large banana and platano industry, farming, as well as tourism and commercial services. So, my impressions: I have nothing bad to say about Mala, it's a decent little town. There are a few banks and several cash machines, some mini-markets, but no supermarket. The climate is excellent and the beaches are a few minute's drive away. It has a few nice parks. There's nothing pretty or particularly interesting in Mala. That pretty much sums it up.
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