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General Güemes, Argentina, population: about 31,500. Pretty much the only thing of note here are the two large plazas/parks, otherwise, this is not a town worth bothering to visit. General Güemes was founded in 1888. Prior to that, it was a collection of farms and a Franciscan mission. The biggest of the farms eventually became the town of General Güemes. In 1890, the railroad arrived and with it, the town grew quickly. In 1907, the elementary school was opened, and in 1928, the town library was opened. In 1933, another school was opened to bring the level of grades up to 5. In 1937, the School of Technical Education was opened. The town's most important economic support is provided by a sugar cane processing plant which happens to be the first such plant opened in South America. Near the city are also two thermoelectric power plants and an industrial park. So, my impressions: Güemes is an agricultural town. There is nothing particularly interesting or pretty here, nothing to attract tourists, and nothing that makes me want to put this town on my list of potential new hometowns. So, on to the next town I go.
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