Ledesma, Argentina - Polarsteps

Libertado General San Martín, (AKA Ledesma), Argentina, population: about 47,000. Yet another basic agricultural town with nothing of interest to tourists. And, nothing here that says to me, "Chip, you need to make this your next hometown." There is almost no historical information available for this town, but I did read that a Spaniard was here in 1623 leading an expedition. He founded a fort in 1625, but that only lasted until 1623 due to attacks from the local indigenous people. Skip forward to 1778 and a man named Zegada began processing sugar here. Skip forward again to 1899 and we have the founding of the town of Ledesma. In 1902, the leaders of the town started laying out the grid for roads and subdivisions within 8 blocks around the central square. In 1906, the railroad arrived which helped the town grow very quickly. In 1950, the name was changed to Libertado General San Martín. So, my impressions: San Pedro de Jujuy is an agricultural town. There is nothing particularly interesting or pretty here, nothing to attract tourists, and nothing that makes me want to put this town on my list of potential new hometowns. This town is tired and in general disrepair.
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