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Salvador Mazza, Argentina, population: about 20,000. Salvador Mazza is located at the border of Argentina and Bolivia. The municipality of Salvador Mazza was created in 1951 after Argentina and Bolivia finalized the border between them. The man, Salvador Mazza, was a professor and medical scientist who co-discovered trypanosomiasis. He later died of that same disease. In 1938, a bridge was built over the river Caraparí which moved international traffic into the town, then known as Pocitos. This allowed the town to grow quickly and into the 1950s, but after that, it was up and down over the years. A new bridge was built in 1978. At about 20,000, the town pretty much stalled in its growth, but the traffic crossing the border, especially large trucks, is constant. So, my impressions: During my short stay, one afternoon and one night, it rained and the place was a muddy mess. Most of the roads are dirt, or mud, and lots of it. There may be more heavy truck traffic than cars and motorcycles combined, because of the international crossing. The town is generally quite ugly and has nothing of interest. Don't waste your time visiting. If you have to come here then plan on passing straight through and across the border. This place is ugly, just look at the pic in the photo album.
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