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Formosa, Argentina, population: about 235,000. Formosa is located at the border of Argentina and Paraguay south of the capital Asunción. Formosa was founded in 1879 when Commander Fontana founded a settlement. The word 'formosa' is the archaic form of the modern Spanish word 'hermosa' which means, in English, 'beautiful'. All the way back into the 16th century, early explorers called this area 'Vuelta Fermosa' or 'Vuelta la Formosa.' This was the area where the city now sits at a turn in the Paraguay River. Those early explorers searched for the legendary 'Sierra de la Plata' or 'mountain of silver'. The town has some beautiful parks and boulevards. One park is alongside the river and runs for many kilometers. It is popular with cyclists, runners, and walkers. At the far end is a fountain that lights up in many colors. There are also many sports parks including countless soccer fields, one for field hockey, a bicycle velodrome, a motocross bicycle track, a go-kart track, and more. The town is clean, the streets are litter-free, and the noise level is very low. I heard horns honk no more than 5 times, and as for loud motorcycles (the bane of South American cities), I heard three. This city is quiet, and a very pleasant place. So, my impressions: I like Formosa. I added it to my top 10 list of potential new hometowns. The only reservations I have are regarding the economy of Argentina. Argentina has been suffering from an extreme drought for many years which has had a devastating effect on its economy. Inflation is sky-high while the value of their peso is going down. So, for that reason, it won't be at the top of my list, but it is still on the list, for now.
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