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Posadas, Argentina, has a population: 275,000, and the metropolitan area has a population of 320,000. Posadas was founded by Roque González de Santa Cruz in March, 1615. He founded it here in the present-day location of the city, but it hasn't always been in this particular location. In fact, because there were so few settlers, he moved the new town across the river where he founded Nuestra Señora de Encarnación, Paraguay. A few people stayed behind and maintained their own very small community on the Argentinian side of the river. This tiny town grew with Jesuits and Guaraní people as pretty much the whole of the population. The area was racked by many conflicts, mainly between Argentina and Paraguay and at least Brazil was involved, but finally, it all came to an end in 1876 with a peace treaty between Argentina and Paraguay. In 1884, Posadas was named the capital of the department (province) of Misiones. In the 1950s, a big push was to modernize the city with new bridges, roads, and the railway, road widening throughout the city and extending the asphalt paving out into the neighborhoods, covering the cobblestones. Posadas and Incarnación were connected by the International Bridge in 1991, which brought in much international trade. So, my impressions: It's a nice enough small city, has a lot of nice park space all along the riverside, a couple of nice plazas, and many linear parks in boulevards. They have a very good city bus service from what I saw. But, like the other towns I visited in Argentina, the internet access sucks. And, considering their sky-high inflation, I wouldn't consider living in this country.
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