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Sant'Ana do Livramento, Brazil, has a population of about 75,000. Livramento has become an extension of the city of Rivera, Uruguay. Livramento was founded in 1857 while Rivera was founded in 1867. Now, the two are one city with the border splitting them right down the middle. "The border" is nonexistent here, people can freely pass from one to the other with no need for checking in at border crossings or immigration. There is no wall, no fence, nothing but a few markers spread out along the line where a border fence or wall would be between most countries. The economy is based on the free trade shops. As well as general services, also livestock, rice, soy, and fruit. Vineyards growing several varieties of grapes for wines are big here, especially the ones owned by Almadén. Livramento was started, as a community, in 1810, by Portuguese troops who had been sent to the area to secure it. So, my impressions: This small city is decent enough but the streets are littered, the sidewalks crumbling, and the parks outside of the city center are nothing special. There are a lot of classic houses and buildings from the late 19th century and early 20th century. In general, in comparing it to Rivera, I like Rivera much more. It's obviously a much better-taken-care-of city. Livramento looks like there has been a lot of neglect for many years.
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