KEF, Iceland - Polarsteps

I accidentally booked a stopover in Iceland on the way home from the states, so instead of trying to re-book the tickets, we decided to take advantage of the 19 hours we had in Reykjavik. I have to say, I didn't take into account the long plane ride with little/no sleep when I plan the trip so we didn't get to do everything I planned, but I think we covered quite a lot of ground in 19 hours! Important tip: When you check your bag when you start your journey before your stop over, they give you the option to be able to pick up your bag or have your bags available at your final destination. We choose to have our bags go straight to Stockholm. KEFLAVIK INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT We arrived fairly early in the day and picked up our rental car. There's a shuttle service from the airport that takes you to the rental car locations.
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