Blue Lagoon, Iceland - Polarsteps

We pre-booked the Blue Lagoon with a set time of 11 so unfortunately, they wouldn't let us in as early as 9pm, so we went to finally check into our hotel and then headed back to the Blue Lagoon at around 10:30. Again, I tried to not retouch these at all so you can see just how pretty it was. Getting there at 10pm meant there were very few people there so we had great photo opps (and photo bombs). The process was a little cumbersome with showering before & showering after but well worth it in the end. I purposely brought two plastic bags to put my phone in so I could snap photos! The face mask we were wearing, one drink (alcoholic or non), as well as the towels were included in the 50 euro cost. Yes, it was touristy but the almost never ending sunset with the crisp air and warm water was something I'd likely experience every time I go to Iceland.
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