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Normally my recaps are a full play by play of a vacation but this is actually an aggregation across 3 different trips to Copenhagen. Combined I think I've come up with a fantastic itinerary. Parts were places I went on my own, places with my husband and places with my husband & his parents. I knew after my first 24 hours in Copenhagen that it was a city that I would come to love and now 3 visits in, it certainly has not disappointed. Copenhagen has all the beauty, safety & cleanliness of the other Nordic capitals with a wonderful diverse population of people, food, culture & activities. It reminds me a lot of Amsterdam. Just the right amount of everything--danger, intrigue, diversity, culture, excitement, fun... It even has the bikes, just not as many! The one down side was a very specific issue. This summer was one of the hottest ever in the Nordics and most places aren't built with air conditioning, so in order to stay cool, we had to keep the windows opened. We stayed in a very convenient AirBnB in downtown Copenhagen but right under numerous very busy bars. We discovered that the Danes really like to party... On another note, we used the Copenhagen Card for many of the attractions we visited. This gives you free entry into popular tourist spots and also covers your transit pass for the number of days you select. We always scope out the city tourist pass and Copenhagen's is by far the best one we've come across. PLANES OR TRAINS Thankfully living in Stockholm I have the ability to be in this wonderful city in various ways. The first time I went to Copenhagen I flew into the very conveniently located airport just 20 minutes outside of the city by regular subway train. The second time, we also flew but took the train back to Stockholm and the third time we took an overnight train with bunk beds there and a high speed train back. The overnight train was such a cool experience. Got on the train at 11pm and woke up at 6:30am in Malmo with a quick 20 minute train ride into Copenhagen. Highly recommend it! Basically a free hotel night (the roundtrip tix were about $60 per person) & you get an early start in the city.
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