Nemoland Backstage, Denmark - Polarsteps

If you don't know, Freetown Christiania is a independent community in Copenhagen. It is generally a self-governed, self-sufficient town. Within the area, the residents consider themselves neither Denmark or EU residents. Weed is freely sold in the streets (but harder drugs are not allowed). Due to this type of activity, taking photos of people within Christiana especially on the street where drugs are being sold is not allowed. We went in during the day so I can't attest to the vibe at night, but I felt safe the whole time we were in there. If you want to know more about the area, there's a daily tour offered in English. We didn't have time to take it but would have loved to. While we were in there, we walked around, took a peek at a great view. I had an excellent fried chicken sandwich from Nemoland and my husband and his parents all got burgers and Christiania beers. Would definitely be interested in spending more time within the area.
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