Mørdrup, Denmark - Polarsteps

In this write up, I've set aside about 3 hours for the Louisiana Museum. You could easily spend twice that amount of time there. There's so much to see & look at and everything is interesting! Like a typical art gallery there are statues, portraits, prints and paintings, but what makes the Louisiana Museum unique is the ways in which you can interact with the museum. There was a moon exhibit and a VR room to experience a moon landing, there was a light room installation, we took an interactive quiz on an iPad and laid on the floor to watch a movie above our heads. Also when you walk out onto the terrace, you'll see one of the most stunning views of the coast. Exhibits in my photos include the moon, female airline pilot pictures, masculinity, innovative architectural design and the light installation. There is also a that you walk about 10 minutes though charming neighborhood where people have little side walk sales on your honor for things like bags of home grown apples. You can take the bus up from the castle (great views of the coast) and take a train back into the city. (Included in the Copenhagen Card)
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