Ragnarock, Denmark - Polarsteps

National Geographic declared RAGNAROK one of the best museums in the world in 2017. Honestly, I would agree if you're a serious music fan. Unfortunately, the museum is pretty far out of town and even by train there's a 15 minute walk once you get to the stop so it wasn't very busy even on a Saturday that we went but I loved it. This museum gives you great history about Danish music and culture through the decades. It was very interesting to see how pop culture has shaped generations. There was a room with just dozens of headphones where you could just pull and unplug into different audio streams. There was a rotating human sized record you could lay on while playing a quiz game. There was a video full of fans expressing their love for their biggest areas. And probably most fun of all, there was an interactive game that you played throughout the museum. You form a band and have to make the right choices through a series of questions scattered around the museum in order to try to achieve success. So much fun! I really loved the museum but if you're not a big music fan, you will likely lose interest quickly. We spent about 90 minutes there and I probably could have done a full 2 hours. There's also a cafe with breakfast options if you want to grab lunch. (Included in the Copenhagen Card)
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