Vaduz, Liechtenstein - Polarsteps

It took about 90 minutes for us to drive to Leitchenstein and the drive was beautiful, of course! As we were driving, we decided to treat ourselves to I called up every Michelin starred restaurant in the country (it's a very small country...). Thankfully, one had a seating available so we headed for Maree. The service was phenomenal and the waiter was charming & funny. We were seated outside right at sunset so we watched the glow of the sun burning out with the backdrop of an old European castle. I can't think of a more unlikely yet satisfying scenerio of two young African American women ex-pats working high paying jobs in highly sought out industries who met in Stockholm at an event thrown by Google, now sharing a Michelin starred meal overlooking a castle in the Swiss alps, but I can truly say "You love to see it!" "Growing up is a trap... predictable & unchanging. No longer a threat. If she's still growing it means she's still alive. Alive in a dying culture." - Even Cowgirls Get the Blues We had a three course meal with a bread course and amuse bouche. I can't remember how much we ended up spending, but it was worth every penny! We were there for almost 2 & a half hours and it was an absolutely wonderful way to spend my final night on my trip & I'm eternally grateful for Melissa for accompanying me & being my escort for this journey! We ended up getting back pretty late (around 12:30am) so I headed to bed.
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