Crete, Greece - Polarsteps

Once our friends left we were without a car, so we just spent most of our time at the resort enjoying the nice weather, going for morning walks, and eating my the pool. We did our work calls wherever we could find a quiet place. We had spa appointments back to back one day which was a great way to break up the work day. The resort was very accommodating and booked taxis for us and arranged our COVID tests so we could travel back home to the UK. They also allowed us a late dining reservation at the hotel restaurant when we got incredibly lost trying to find a nearby restaurant for dinner and ended up wandering around in the dark amongst the farm land--would not recommend. Where we were staying was very out of town, so if we were not working all day it would have been a pain to get around. Though it was a very nice resort, I'd recommend staying in Aghios Nikoloas if you have the option so that yo u have more options and activities at your finger tips. The beach was right across from the resort though, so if that's your thing, you had a quiet secluded beach all to yourself. All and all, it was a great, comfortable post-pandemic trip and so glad we got it in before Omnicron hit. It was surreal to be back on a plane but also so exciting! Plus it was great to be reconnected with old friends. I'd love to go back to Crete (and check out some of the other islands). There's so much more to see including some caves & some hiking that I wanted to check out but just didn't have the time.
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