Crete, Greece - Polarsteps

Our first stop of the day was a Cretan Olive Oil farm which we pre-booked for 5 people for 45 euros each. The ticket included a tour of the farm, a demonstration on how olive oil is made, we milked a goat and while we learned about Crete, cheese was prepared from the goat milk we had just made. We had snacks including delicious tomato in addition to the cheese. After the cheese & snacks, we participated in a cooking class where we made dolmades which is a Greek rice dished wrapped in grape leaves. We were taught how to make them then created a bunch on our own with the help of the instructor. There was never more than about 15 people with us throughout the time on the farm (some people only did the cheese making & some only did the cooking class) and the entire thing lasted about 3 and a half hours plus we hung around a bit to shop at the small store. It was a beautiful day and a great way to start our trip!
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