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The next morning, we took advantage of the fact that the UK was 2 hours behind Greece, to book a private boat to take us to Spinalonga Island. The cost was 50 euros in total for the 4 of us through Minos boats. It's about a 10 min boat ride each way & we just called the boat company when we were done via WhatsApp for them to pick us up. I don't remember the cost of entry but it was not much and we did not book it in advance. The island was a leper colony for years but also under the rule of various empires including the Venitian & Turkish (if I recall). It was a cool look island that we spent about an hour & half on to walk the perimeter and stop for some drinks at the shop. Some parts of the island reminded me a lot of Pompeii. John found cactus fruit and grabbed it with his bare hands. I do not recommend this and refused to hold his hand for the remainder of the day as he picked needles out of it... We were glad we arrived at 9am because my 10am there were hoards of boats & tours arriving while we were on our way out. We got picked up and brought back to the mainland and spent the day working back at the hotel.
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