Schleswig, Germany - Polarsteps

Okayyy, so much for a good start of our trip.. After getting out of bed at 5.30, and leaving really enthusiastic at 7 o clock, My dad and I both drove (really really well ofcourse) 2 hours. When he got back behind the wheel, our car stopped working somewhere around Kiel. First, we couldn't go any faster than 80 km/h, but after trying twice more, it came down to 60 km/h and after waiting for the anwb, it even lowered to 30 km/h. We got towed away and they brought us to Schleswig. Here we asked the BMW dealer what he could do about our car, but that wasn't much. So our lovely dinner of the day was at the local McDonalds (which my father really loves (as he says: but not heus)). Tomorrow we'll look at our possibilities of continuing the trip. Quote of the day: 'Ik vraag me af of Ik vlinders in mijn buik heb of dat de kip van daarstraks vleugeltjes heeft gekregen' - André 'Zullen we de foto van de Rolling Stones op dat zebrapad namaken?' - Kim
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