Forsand, Norway - Polarsteps

Kjerag Waaaauw what an experience! We had to drive for about 3 hours from Rjukan. We didn't get a lot of sleep last night, since the tent stood on a hill. We decided to first drive to the Kjerag starters point, and look for a camping/"hytte" after. People told us that there were 3 climbs and that the first was the hardest to climb. So after climbing the first one, we were pretty optimistic. Oopsy daisy, those people clearly lied. The second climb was not that hard, but quite long. The third climb however, was reaaaally steep and time consuming. The great part of this climb was the view. Hundreds of big mountain tops appear everytime you stop to take a look. To help everyone that wants to take this hike: there aren't 3 but 4 mountains.. The fourth especially feels long when people tell you that it only takes 20 more minutes and in reality takes up to an hour. After 3 long hours in total, we reached the Kjerag Bolten, or as we called it during our hike: de kutkei. The spot from where you can take the photos is covered in snow and ice, and is descending, which makes it quite scary to stand there. IF you slip and fall, you might go down beneath the Kjerag and keep falling for about 968 meters or so. So, great advise: don't fall. Climbing onto the kutkei is terrifying as well, since you can clearly see the fjord in which you could surely fall to pieces. After a struggle and holding your breath, you can stand/sit on top of the stone, take pictures, and in our case, hurry to get back on normal ground. Adrenaline kick! After our photo session, we walked and climbed back for 3 more hours and drove to Lysefoten to find a nice hytte to stay in. Kjerag = recommended!!
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