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(Forsand) We wanted to find a hytte nearby preikestolen, and reaaaaally didn't want to camp since it was raining. After driving around for a long time, we found a cute small hytte that an older couple has been renting to people since 2002. We call them Opa and Oma, and for just 50 euros a night (for 5 persons ;)) you can stay at their place. Opa sometimes feeds the birds and whistles, which attracts about 30 little birds to come and eat. Supah cute ;) Today, we did the Preikestolen hike, which took about 5 hours (a reaaaally long photo session included). The climb was not hard at all, but maybe we got used to hiking because of Kjerag and Gaustatoppen. The preikestolen is a 25x25 m piece of rock, perched atop an almost perfectly sheer cliff that is around 600 meters above the water (and a climb of 4000 m) of the Lysefjord. It attracts lots and lots of tourists. The hike takes about 2 hours up and 2 hours down. If I'd had to put pulpit rock (preikestolen), Kjerag and Gaustatoppen in a top 3, it would be like this: 1. Kjerag 2. Preikestolen 3. Gaustatoppen Quote of the day: 'KEBAB' - everyone
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