Skulestadmo, Norway - Polarsteps

Our camping (Tvinde camping) had nice huts and is called that way because the Tvinde waterfalls are next to it. On the second day here, we went rafting on the river, and were guided by 3 travelers that found this a nice job to pay for their travels. They were from Canada, Tasmania and Kenia, and were as crazy as could be. They made everything extra fun to do and enjoyed pushing people of the boats. Everyone hád to swim at least once, to practice where you had to go, how you had to swim and how to breath in the cold water. After hearing "FORWARD BACKWARD GET DOWN GET UP FORWARD" about a million times, and high fiving with our peddles every time no one fell out during a 'man eater' or 'just Kora, we couldn't think of another nickname' we took a nice hot shower and went back to the camping. Rafting is surely recommended ;)
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