Skulestadmo, Norway - Polarsteps

On the third day, we decided to stay at this camping for one more night, and drive to aurdal via the tourist route. Aber helasch, the snow road had not much snow anymore, so our dreams of seeing the real life Mario kart route didn't come true. However, the route was very beautiful and we came across some nice sights, such as Flotane (architect: Lars Berge), "The Den" (by Mark Dion, and architect Lars Berge) , and the wooden viewing point Stegastein. The nicest way of viewing this fjord and surroundings, according to us, is to start the trip at Aurlandsvangen and drive towards Lærdal. For me, driving this route was quite exciting too, since I have never driven mountains before. But it's going quite well so far ;)
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