Vancouver, Canada - Polarsteps

Cycling is one of our favorite exercises in the Netherlands. After cycling for 6 hours this day our legs became tired and we discovered that we had to go all the way back. Not our best idea. The day was awesome. We went through the whole of Stanley Park, the whole Seawall, and after that went to Granville Island and cycled around there. It is amazing how such a big park can still be maintained so well in a city like this. My opinion on Vancouver itself, architecture wise, is not that good. Since my father is an architect, I look kind of critically at buildings, and I find that there's only a small number of "pretty" buildings. I just don't like the style. Back to the park. It is amazing. With sights over the sea when you go around the seawall, and lakes and gigantic trees when you turn left. We didn't think for a second that we should go back home because we were bored or anything. We felt like children again when we climbed in trees whenever we saw one that was "climeable" (is that a word?) Great day, and I would suggest everyone to try this!
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