Vancouver, Canada - Polarsteps

After not sleeping at all during the flight, we ofcourse were really, really tired. The YVC airport looked kind of old, with carpet that looked like it belongs in a retirement home. We went through security check really fast and went on to find the train. After half an hour we arrived on Granville Road, the centre of Vancouver. Our hostel, st. Clair's, was cute, small, and really convenient. It didn't include a kitchen, but it was great for getting to know the city and was close to everything we wanted to see. Maybe also because our Dutch legs don't mind walking through the whole city, but also because of the location. Our room had 4 beds, and we stayed there with I think 5 different girls during the 4 days here. Our jetlag couldn't stand in our way of finding a burger. We did find out that there are almost no MacDonalds in Vancouver, and we were really looking forward to fast food (München Airport has almost no food services, only a really expensive restaurant, and we had to stay there for 7 hours). In Gastown, an old part of Vancouver, we found a hipster organic burger place. It was nice, and my vegetarian friend was completely in her place.
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