Berlin, Germany - Polarsteps

So, long time no hear. But fortunately you're all able to see exactly where we are hahaha. We arrived in Berlin the evening before the 1th of may and of course we had to join a demo the next day, which was in a rich area with huge villas demanding houses for all. It was a bit "langweilig" but a nice cycle route to there and back. The next day we visited the Russian-German museum in Karlshorst to get in the mood. It is situated in the old Wehrmacht office where they signed the final capitulation agreement to end WW2. It is still there: about 1 page typed by hand. Actually we spend these days pretty lazy, hanging out with friends and trying to get used to a very long holiday. After two days in a datsha in a nice forest just outside Berlin we will continue to Poland tomorrow. I hope the weather will get a little warmer.
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