Gniezno, Poland - Polarsteps

So, today we entered Poland. Finally a country with a strange language and currency, which gives you a feel of being far away from home. We only drive the country roads as it is more fun and less "anstrengend" than the highway. It's cold and after every hour our so we take a break to warm up. I have to much time thinking in my helmet: luckily it doesn't rain, my body starts to ache in places I wouldn't expect, everything feels very uncomfortable, why am I doing this? Later it will be better.... Once I don't have to pack myself like a Michelin man, when it's warmer and I start to merge with my bike. Now it's a big effort to even hop on and off the bike as the saddle starts at hip height and I am looking at my dashboard and calculating everything constantly. Just as I start to take in my environment and the landscape I am in, I see ladies in short skirts and a chair along the forest, they must be cold too and perhaps that's the least of their concerns.... I feel very fortunate and privileged that I can do this. O yes that's what it's all about. To get yourself out of your comfort zone and explore. To experience the world as it is, in its beauty, hardship, vastness and ugliness. No one ever said it's gonna be easy.
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