Brok, Poland - Polarsteps

Yesterday on top of everything I had a fall. When we drove off from the gas station I probably drove through an oil spill (I remember I thought "hey there has been a very local shower here"), than when I took of at the crossroads and turned my bike skid away from me in a split second. But everything is fine, no worries, it was good to see there were people in an instant to help. So, back on track! Today was actually a good day. We did more miles with less stops, it was less cold and sunny most of the day. The merge with the bike is starting I think, I feel less pain and even my mind gets in a more meditative state. Some people go for ten days in a Vipanissana retreat for that. I feel we do that all the time. Not talking, being alone with your thoughts and not being able to itch and endure pains for hours till you reach Nirvana. Well, our Nirvana now looks like a colonial settlers place (these burnt wood sheds but probably it's the other way around) with a hot shower and pink sheets.
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