Baranavichy, Belarus - Polarsteps

First we had a nice walk in the forest. Unfortunately we don't meet the bison's but it's also nice people watching. It's Russian holiday, they have 10 days in May. To celebrate labor Day and tomorrow of course Russia's Victory Day. The equivalent of Santa Claus, Father Frost also lives in the forest but it's too far for us so we have to skip a visit. Late afternoon we reach Dimas place in Baranavichy. He lives with his wife Vika and two little girls in a wooden house that his grandparents built themselves. It's funny to see there's still wooden houses and dirt roads in the city. A good friend of us hooked us up with Dima who used to organise punk shows in the past and is well known in the scene. So when we arrive he invites us to come to a somewhat illegal gig which starts in an hour and he has to translate with the Hungarian band. It's a good opportunity to join and meet with the local scene. We're definitely with the right guy as everyone knows him and we get a warm welcome with beer and moonshine. The few who speak English grasp the chance to practise with us. It's funny to see the difference is not so big. We wait and drink outside till the bands start. The venue is in the local roller skate practice club which is not more than a garage with fluorescent lights but everyone dances and has lots of fun! Thank you Dima and Sanne for this great experience.
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