Minsk, Belarus - Polarsteps

Ai ai just as we want to leave for Vilnius this morning my bike doesn't start and it's not the battery. Kickstart is also locked, it seems the piston is stuck. We could get it loose again but the bike still doesn't start. Luckily we are still in Minsk where some people do speak a bit of English and there or more possibilities to solve the problem. People are really helpful, it doesn't look good but we try to keep up the spirits and hope for a solution..... Merijn went to get new money since it was nearly finished leaving the country and he took a long time worrying me even more. But then he came back with a biker who wanted to help. We meet more and more friendly bikers here. Also got an invitation of a Russian biker, Sasha, whom we meet in the bar the other night. Anyway, we are now at a mechanic and the problem is not in the engine but the carburator. Benzin has been leaking into the oil. They say they'll fix it in two hours. Meanwhile the mechanic shows us a bike collection. He owns an M27 from 1967 from Russia with sidecar. We are starting to feel happy again 🤗
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