Vilnius, Lithuania - Polarsteps

In Vilnius we arrive at a sort off "Camping Zeeburg". The atmfosphere is very different, more like home and very contrasting with Belarus. The camping is very nice but the city I don't think is very special. In the morning we do a tour but it's a bit boring as well. We annoyes me is also the untold history of this country. Certainly after Belarus has this country a very contrary history which also tells something about those turbulent times of course. In Lithuania the Nazi's found some enthusiastic Lithuanian partizans who were rather eager to help eliminating the Jews. Between July 4 andn November 25 1941 almost 140.000 Jews were killed, 80 percent. Beaten and shot to death. And that, while in the age before Lithuania was the more tolerant country in Europe towards Jews. That's why it has so many living there. I keep wondering where all this hatred comes from. To kill so many in such a brutal way while you're not being attacked by them. We'll anyway it leaves we with a strange feeling. The Lithuanians rather talk about the genocide they called it from the Soviet oppression than the Holocaust. The KGB museum is closed so we have to leave that for what it is dit now and continue to Letland. In the evening we meet Didier, a French man on his bike who just "conquered" the Nordcap. He travelled of lot on his bike, also routes we did and are about to do so we have nice chat.
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