Riga, Latvia - Polarsteps

It was sooooo cold riding from Vilnius to here! About 4 degrees and ⛅, so happy it didn't rain. Why are we riding North???? I have to think about Didier, who rode with minus 1 in rain, snow and hard winds. No, Nordcap is definitely not on my list. I try selfhypnose and think myself warm. While staring at Merijns glowing red backlight I imagine my grips are also glowing and the warmth is going slowly from my fingertips, to my palm, my elbows, my core...... I even believe it helped for a moment. We stopped on the way at the Hill of crosses, relikitsch to the max. They made a real tourist site out of it where, of course, we meet some really enthusiastic Chinese who climb my bike to take pictures. Finally we arrived supercold with a purple face at a nice campsite with a hot shower in Riga. I like this city much more. It's more rough, industrial and multicultural than anything we saw for some time. Since Poland it was white monoculture with broad faces. People here look different and are really tall as well. We try to visit the KGB museum here but it was closed as well. We were send to the museum of occupation of Latvia which was under construction but had a temporary exhibition somewhere else. But even there we were refused as the president of Georgia was visiting. Something doesn't want us to get involved in this piece of history.......
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