Moscow, Russia - Polarsteps

Today we went of course to visit the Kremlin and the red square. We found a nice campsite in a park which is our homebase, but everything is so huge in Russia. The roads, the buildings, the metro. We walk a lot and get really tired, even if we take the metro. It's really strange to be here and since we made it to Moscow we also need a new goal but it feels we are facing a big nothingness and enormous distances. We'll on the other side we made it here pretty fast even if we didn't rush. The Kremlin was quite impressive and we also visited the armoury chamber which was also impressive. It's loaded with a lot of bling bling the tsars collected, a massive collection of all kinds of artefacts cover in gold, diamonds and gems and of course since we'll known Fabergé eggs. At the Red Square there was a festival planned or just finished which made that you couldn't see the iconic basilic as part of it. It was hidden behind some ugly sheet. I got a bit grumpy from all this tourist madness, in a way its funny and of course I am also one but there are so many (specially now the Chinese and Indians also come out in packs) and everyone is only busy taking pictures of themselves. We had to get out, find a nice restaurant and after a bar in a different neighborhood where we had a beer and a wodka.
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