Moscow, Russia - Polarsteps

Today we went from Russian pride to the very black page in history. Actually it's a good combination for us as it feels it covers today's mindset. Trying to find a comfortable way of living amidst a search for identity and dealing with the past. This is not an easy task. So how is Russia for us till now. We are having a great time and feel none of the prejudices and stereotypes are true. People are very friendly, helpful and there are even a lot who try in English. The stores and gas stations are indeed filled with a lot of alcohol but we don't notice it in the streets, alcoholics, junkies or beggars are absent. Everything feels quite familiar and safe. Of course that's in the city. The rural site is very different. As we ride past it we see wooden houses in different colours but also very different states of decay, it looks as nobody has money for maintenance. We see strips of these cottages alternated with birch trees, bogs and second war memorial sites.
  1. ElsPlofhoek
  2. Dictatour 2019
  3. Moscow