Laishevskiy, Russia - Polarsteps

Today was a very good day. Merijns bike was leaking oil because the nut at the front sprocket is stripped. It gave him a lot of worry and we had to wait till Monday to find a mechanic. So we spent the weekend swimming in the Volga and exploring the surroundings of Kazan. Today we went to Tulpar Motos and the owner was pleased to see us. They helped us out in many ways, made the nut themselves from a steel rod and he gave us a really cool 5 liter petrol canister which gives me a good feeling. He talked about his travels, showed us pictures, gave us tips and telephone numbers of his friends along the way. Thanks a lot Aydin! We set off in the afternoon and found the best camping spot after a small ride in the forest. Russia is really good to us!
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