Almaty, Kazakhstan - Polarsteps

Imagine.....after a hard ride of 400 km's plus we finally arrive in Almaty at this cool place we heard of. Motorcycle workshop, hostel and bar in one. The place doesn't look even slightly the way I pictured it. It looks like a scrapyard renemniscent to better times, the hostel has a big locked steel door with a phone number next to it on a paper. I dial the number and try to ask for a room in my best Russian. We doubt if this is a good place but we'll see. After a while there comes an old lady who only speaks Russian and she opens the gate so we can park inside. We can get some things from our bikes to bring to the room. Meanwhile the light turns on in the previously unlit workshop and a guy comes out who introduces himself as Boris. I have a look inside and before I know it I'm having a cold beer and a chat with this guy. After Merijn checked in he joins us and Boris is getting more beers. Some beers later his colleague and friend Tolik comes back from a bikefest and they take us out for dinner. We have a really entertaining evening in a mix of Russian/English. Of course we cannot pay anything. Welcome to Kazachstan!
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