Almaty, Kazakhstan - Polarsteps

Stuck in Almaty since almost a week with bike problems. First we only did maintenance, now new problems appear. When we drove up to Almaty Big Lake yesterday, which was very beautiful, both bikes didn't run smooth. Found another mechanic which runs tours with same bikes as ours. Lucky and unlucky, appears Merijns bike might have serious engine problems.... They are opening the whole engine now to see what's the problem, let's get fingers crossed it's nothing they can't solve our need spare parts we have to order...... Meanwhile working on the planned route, applied for the Tajik visa and maybe great news Iran opens the Turkmenistan for big bikes again! If we ever get the bikes running again and can continue to Kirgizstan. Update: crankshaft, piston, bearrings and maybe oil pump need to be replaced. Bad news. So we have two choices, get new posts send from Europe and maybe wait longer time (maybe weeks) or change the engine for one they have here and arrange new documents for the bike since it then has a different engine number....
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