Almaty, Kazakhstan - Polarsteps

Whole day making phonecalls and arranging things. So good to get offers for help from all sides. We got a lot of options. Kazach bikers offer help, a dude from England has some parts in his garage he's willing to send, another traveler is coming from Russia and offers to take parts. Some Dutch people in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan say we can come for a visa run, they have a couch to crash and "koffie staat klaar". Another guy here in Almaty from Holland offers us a ride in his truck to go there. And we even got virtual help from Neill, our Irish friend we traveled with the last big trip. 💓 heartwarming it is. Meanwhile we also have good news, tyres arrived, Tajik visa approved, Iran is opening up for big bikes at the Turkmenistan border so we got this proces started. The mechanics are willing to do the repair and the parts are in stock in Holland so they might be here in a few days. Never a dull moment ;-)
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