Raiymbekskiy, Kazakhstan - Polarsteps

Yeah! Finally out of the city and on the road again! So good to be free. Soon it becomes really beautiful and we visit a canyon. Then we drive to the mountains almost to the border of kirgistan. We see a lot of herds of cows, sheep, horses and even some camels! Real ones, with two humps. The landscape is stunning, and the bikes are doing well! So what happened. Merijn got his engine swapped and they try to fine-tune my carburetor and changed the main needle. It turns out to be a carburetor fit for cross races but not so much for the mountains. And guess what. From here till Georgia it's going to be mountains more or less all the time. Let's see. At least we know the problem and can make some adjustments ourselves.
  1. ElsPlofhoek
  2. Dictatour 2019
  3. Raiymbekskiy